End of Life Reached for SOS Webpages

SOS Webpages was great fun in 2007 but has passed its useful end. There have been no significant updates in years, and very few downloads of the files. There are issues with newer versions of PHP as some functions used in the application are deprecated, so we recommend you convert to a new content management system like WordPress.

What is SOS Webpages?

SOS Webpages is the fun and easy way to manage a website.  It is an open source website management system developed by HandsomeWeb.  The goal of the project is to produce a system that is intuitive for users without any knowledge or desire to learn about coding, image resizing, code compliance, browser compatibility, etc.


SOS Webpages features a password-protected management area to manage all site content. An intuitive management system allows for quick and easy modification of text, images, banners, menu, etc. The computer novice will find it a user-friendly application, but that doesn't mean it lacks important features, like . . .

  • Immediate publishing of changed content;
  • Easy-to-Edit Text, Images, Menus;
  • Contact form with CAPTCHA to stop SPAMMERs;
  • Seach Engine Friendly Feaures
    • Custom Meta tags,
    • Custom Page Keywords,
    • Custom Page Descriptions,
    • Custom Page Titles that are used as alt tags, and
    • Compliant Code;
  • Photo Album Page;
  • Document Downloads Page;
  • Events Calendar Page;
  • Links to External Pages on Menu;
  • Password Recovery;
  • Custimizable logos, banners, and templates;
  • Resizing of large JPEG images from your digital camera;
  • On page editing menus when logged in as an administrator;
  • Support Forum;
  • Frequently Asked Questions; and a
  • Getting Started Guide.

Browser Compatibility

Your site visitors can visit your site on Windows, Mac, Linux, and more with IE, Firefox, Safari, Camino, Opera, and Konqueror. The SOS Webpages code produces clean XHTML 1.0 and CSS. It may be possible to do customizations to template files and to HTML in the content editor that will break the compliance, but it shouldn't happen on accident.

Requirements to Manage Site

On Windows - Internet Explorer 6 or above, Firefox 1.5 or above.
On Mac - Firefox 1.5 or above.
On Linux - Firefox 1.5 or above.
Cookies and Javascript required.
Other platforms and browsers may also work, but haven't been tested.
Try the demos to be sure, and let us know.

Open Source Free Software

The webpage management system is available under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. This means the code is free.

Several Open Source resources have been used/incorporated in this project. Here is a list:

User our SourceForge.net Project page to report bugs and features:

Report Bugs | Feature Requests

Hosting of SOS Webpages is provided by an arlington web design and SEO company.

How to Get SOS Webpages

Download the Source - You may download the source files. There are some limited installation instructions. To install this software you will need to be familiar with php, MySQL, compressed files, folder permissions, setting up a webhost, and setting up a domain name. You may be required to alter a php.ini or .htaccess file on some hosts. There is nothing atypical about the installation.

Supporting Boy Scouts of America

Our developers support our local Boy Scout Troop in Arlington, Texas. We also store our old equipment with 360 Self Storage in Grand Prairie, Texas.


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